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What Is An Apprenticeship?

A future career starts on day one with a good job; a job that can’t be outsourced, that pays well, offers health benefits and retirement plans and provides opportunities to grow. LIUNA can offer all this and more and the first step is through our registered apprenticeship program. 

Experience in construction is not needed only the desire to learn and work hard. As a LIUNA Construction Craft Laborer apprentice you will “earn-as-you-learn” and receive all the training you need. Apprentices start out earning a percentage of the journey worker wage and receive regular increases based on predetermined milestones.  A journey worker is a person who has completed the hourly requirements and passed all class-room related training as designated by the program.

LIUNA apprentices, regardless of experience, immediately begin to earn a wage while learning on-the-job and in the classroom. As your skills, knowledge and experience increase, so does your rate of pay.

Nico Satagata, Apprenticeship Graduate Local 271 gives a speech at NEL/CPS Construction & Career Academy during the Eastern Seaboard Apprenticeship Conference.

And as a LIUNA member, you are always eligible for career-long learning and skills development at state-of-the-art training centers located across North America.

Opportunities in commercial construction range from working on buildings, bridges, roads and tunnels and protecting the environment by removing hazardous materials, to building pipelines and using the latest technologies in green construction.

LIUNA Training’s Construction Craft Laborer Apprenticeship Program can prepare you for a prosperous career in the Construction industry.





With the demand for the highest-skilled and most qualified workers at it’s peak, the need for Construction Craft Laborers is greater than ever, LIUNA has once again established itself at the forefront of the labor movement by implementing the Construction Craft Laborer (CCL) Apprenticeship Program. Approved in all six New England States, this program is directed by the New England Laborers’ Training Trust Fund, and has trained thousands of young men and women who aspire to a rewarding career in the construction industry as members of the Laborers’ International Union of North America.

With the vast amount of infrastructure work on the horizon and for years to come, coupled with LIUNA’s aging workforce, apprenticeship training will be relied upon more than ever to meet the workforce demands of the construction industry. NELTA stands ready to meet this challenge.
— Joseph Sabitoni, Director of Training, Pomfret